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About us

AgroViniferash.p.k. is a newlyestablished company with common American and Kosovar capital located in Rahovec. The premise is consisted of approximately 1000 m2 indoor area dedicated for staff offices, training center, exposition-promotion and sale of goods as well as around 6,000 m2 dedicated for preservation and storage of goods and materials.

The company is focused on sale and distribution of all products related to agriculture such as: artificial fertilizers, pesticides (Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides), orchards' and vineyards' plants, vegetables' and root crops' seeds, arable crops' seed, seedlings, working tools, necessary materials for greenhouses, greenhouses, poles for vineyards and orchards, anti-hail systems for vineyards and orchards, compost, etc.

In addition, the company has a training center and the advisory services team who are responsible to perform field visits with the purposeto monitorthe situation and provide practical advicesas well as toconduct seminars and workshops for farmers, buyers and distributers of company’s goods and materials/equipments.

The company aims to launch high quality agricultural goods on the market, as well as maintaining regular contacts with local and cross-border farmers by recommending adequate fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and equipment for each agricultural crop.

In order to be in line with agriculture and rural development policies and processes, followed by the state and suggested by EU through integration policies process, the company engaged foreign consultants, which will support local experts to run up the project management office, which will be responsible for processing, drafting and implementation of various projects in agriculture and rural development field.