AgroVinifera sh.pk was established with a common American and Kosovar capital, with its headquarters in Rahovec.
The center for Agriculture and Rural Development Agrovinifera Sh.P.K has three main pillars of activities:

1. Provision of advisory services
2. Preparation and Implemented of Projects
3. Sales and distribution of agricultural inputs, agricultural equipments and other goods related to agriculture.

The company has its training center and advisory service team responsible for conducting field visits with the aim of monitoring the situation and providing practical advices, as well as conducting workshops and seminars for farmers, buyers and distributors of goods materials / equipments of the company.

In order to be in line with agriculture and rural development policies and processes, followed by the state and suggested by the EU through the integration policy process, the company engaged local and foreign consultants to run the project management office, responsible for preparation of business plans, drafting and implementation of various projects in the field of agriculture and rural development.

The sale and distribution related to agricultural products is done throughout the territory of Kosovo and includes products and services such as: fertilizers (liquid organic and artificial as well as granular and crystalline), plant protection products (fungicides, insecticides, herbicides), seedlings (grape vines, fruits and vegetables), seeds (vegetable and arable crops), greenhouses and follow up materials for greenhouses, poles for vineyards and orchards as well as anti-hail systems for vineyards and orchards.