Fitofert LMW

 Organic Fertilizer with Amino Acids Content:

Dry matter 60%, total nitrogen 8.5% (8% in organic form (19 amino acids) and 0.5% in ammonium form), Organic Carbon (C) 26%

Fitofert LMW is a natural and organic biostimulator with the function of plant nutrition, produced from natural and organic substances.

Does not contain substances harmful to nature and does not pollute the environment.

 It is fully soluble and compatible with most of the plant protection products

Amino acids that contain this product operate systemically and plants rapidly absorb them

As a natural biostimulator it affects balancing and improving plant nutrition

As an addition to other foliar fertilizers it affects absobtion and better flow.

Effectively affects in addition to plant protection products; Especially it is effective for mitigating of stress due to high temperatures, drought, humidity and hail

It can be applied to all crops: fruit, vegetables, grape vine, plants and ornamentals in the amount of 2.5-3l / ha, 3-4 treatments per season

It is not recommended to mix with soluble sulfur-based products at extremely high temperatures, dinocap products (Karathane, Sabithane) and copper-based products as these combinations are phytotoxic for most crops except sunflower, cereals and onion.


Avoid spraying in windy and hot weather.