Mineral Fertilizer

Content: Copper (Cu) soluble in water 6.8%

FitoLabicuper contains copper in the form of gluconate which provides a very good dispersion

FitoLabicuper is the only copper fertilizer that is fully selective for all crops

 FitoLabicuper acts as a nutrient, while copper is also essential in enzymatic and photosynthesis processes

Its use also increases the resistance of plants to certain fungal diseases, such as potato and tomato blight, grape vine downy mildew, etc.

FitoLabicper also has antibacterial effect, respectively acts against a large number of bacterial diseases of fruit trees, grape vines, and vegetables.

Foliar Application/ dosage:

Fruit trees:

0.2 to 0.3 liters / 100 liters of water at the beginning of flowering until harvest.


2-0.3 liters / 100 liters of water during vegetation, depending on weather conditions.


2-0.4 l / 100 liters of water, depending on the condition and types of plants.


Avoid applying in hot and windy weather. When applied, use eye and face protection and protective gloves.