Quick Zincbor


Crops Foliar Application Drip Irrigation
Ornamentals   75-100ml/100Lt water   0.75-1Lt/ha
Open field vegetables 250-300ml/100Lt water   0.45-0.50lt/ha
Vegetables in grenhouses 150-250ml/100 Lt water 0.35-0.40Lt/ha
  Pome fruits 200-250ml/100 Lt water 0.45-0.75Lt/ha 50ml per tree
Stone fruits 200-250ml/100 Lt water 0.45-0.60 Lt/ha 50ml per tree
  Citrus, Olives, Vineyards   75-100ml/100Lt water 0.60-1Lt/ha 40ml per tree
  Vineyards   75-100ml/100Lt water 0.60-1Lt/ha 30ml per tree

Quick Zincbor to prevent and eliminate many physiophatologies resulting from zing and boron defficiency. We recommend that the apples are in pre-blooming and pre-maturation, as well as increas resistance to low temperatures in the winter months when applied immediately after the spring soak and provide good vegetative healing for the upcoming season.