A concentrated liquid fertilizer containing water soluble sulphur and nitrogen.

Sulphur and nitrogen are major constituents of plant enzymes and proteins. Deficiencies of either element will be reflected in both crop yield and produce quality.

Visual deficiencies of sulphur are rare, however if present, leaves will exhibit uniform chlorosis with the younger leaves affected first. Yellow leaves can ultimately develop necrotic areas near the margins.

Many arable crops including sugar beet, brassicas, cereals and certain fruit crops will benefit from sulphur applications

Analysis   wt/wt* wt/vol
Nitrogen N 11.30% 15.00%
Sulphur SO3 65.00% 87.50%
pH (10% solution) 7.25 – 8.25
Specific Gravity 1.32-1.36 @ 18˚C