Fitofert Mangan


Content: Organic Carbon 10.0%; organic nitrogen is 3.0%; ammonium nitrogen 0.3%; general nitrogen 3.3%, manganese (total) 6.0%; amino acids 18.7%

Manganese contributes to general and better plant condition, better survival, spread, increased resistance to disease and improved grain quality. The absence of manganese is not only found on the trunk, but also on manganese soil.

 The reasons for the poor supply of plants with this microelement can be: high soil acidity (pH over 6 in sand and over 7 in clay soil), lime, carbonate, low colloidal, over-ground, soil with extremely high content of organic matter (straw) on soils where microorganisms that participate in oxidative processes and in soils highly treated with glyphosate herbicides.

Application / Application dosage:

Stone Fruits: Treat 3-5 liters / ha (30-50 ml / 10l water) before flowering or 6 weeks after flowering at intervals of 10-14 days until harvest.

Vineyards: It is treated with a dose of 4-6 liters / ha (40-60 ml / 10 l of water) at the beginning of the development of the bud, before flowering.

Vegetables: Apply 2-4 l / ha (20-40 ml / 10 l water) at the beginning of vegetation.

Cereals: Apply 2 to 4 l / ha first in the autumn at the stage of two leaves developed (BBCH 12), the second time during the root development phase (BBCH 25-27) when 5-7 branches are grown and the third time if necessary at the branching stage


Avoid spraying in hot and windy weather conditions.

It is not recommended to combine with plant protection products prior to high temperatures.